S_V_H Love is All Around image1,2 &3



Love is All Around consists of 5 canvas panels 69 3/4 inches in length by a  height of 39 1/4 inches.

The Troggs original version of Love is All Around 1967-68 peaked on the US Billboard charts at No. 7.


Wet Wet Wet version is from the 1994 soundtrack to Four Weddings and a Funeral, that became another hit in the U.K.



The first image of Love is all Around is from Monday. The above image two is from Tuesday evening.  All images that are image ones are about putting paint to cover parts of the white canvas.  It is about making that first statement. It is about making those first assumptions. It is about just getting it started.  A lot of work has already gone into this work. One of first steps is finding those interesting parts of the music. Then next is seeing what parts I like that might fit in the length of the work I chose.  Next, comes finding the canvases to fit the music, which requires trials to see what will work, and how the pieces will fit together.  Then there is a final check to see that all the music will fit correctly into the spaces provided, and that all the measurements are correct.  If that all makes sense I finally flipped the canvas over and screw and bolt them together. Now the artwork can be put on the easel.



Love is all around third image Thursday. I have taken some lessons from the 17 foot Vivaldi, still in progress,  standing next to All Around.  In the Vivaldi I used some stripping but unlike Take Five, I kept some open spaces. The method I used in the Vivaldi to create the feeling of winter snow in these areas was to strip them with my homemade squeegee.  I created stripping in a freer way, which is something I have decided to try to do more of. Last night I put down the first strip, a turquoise color, over the blue-green, and I thought it may work.  Tonight I knew exactly what I had to do, and that was to re-strip these area with a slightly lighter green. That worked to blend all the colors together, and helped to tone down the darker color, which allow the other, more formal strips to stand out.  Now I am happy, and near the finish for this background.  For now.


Scott Von Holzen