S_V_H Vivaldi’s Winter Allegro Non Molto Final image



Vivaldi’s Winter Allegro Non Molto.  This was a forever painting. Forever to finish that is.  Soon after I took this photograph, with Barbara’s help, we placed it in front of a large stack of canvases.  Because it is over seventeen feet in length I could not hang this artwork.  I am not sure if I will ever see this work on any wall. That is the way it is. This large artwork is a part of the lengthy Vivaldi Four Seasons art series.  Now, there are only two more paintings that I need to create.

I am looking forward to Spring’s first movement. I am seeing bright flashy colors of shades and tints of violet,  rose, and purple, bouncing around in my head. When completed you will know it. There will be no questions which season this painting is about.  I have looked at a lot of lilac bushes and flowering crabs, that are now all faded away, and that is about it. This means I am behind schedule.  Once I start and then finish  Spring what is left is the third movement of Summer. it will probably be late, late summer, before that work is near completion.

The walk-through for the 11 painting in the Four Seasons series.



Scott Von Holzen