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I am finally starting to feel that this work is taking on its own uniqueness. This work started out with a unique physical look that I liked. The problem has been how to paint this love song in a way that expressing the love in this music in a way that connects this painting with that one piece of music. I believe that work done on the far right panel has made that happen.  That fourth canvas reminds me of a similar panel from Up On The Roof, but these ties and slurs have found their own expression.

Every artwork needs to make its point in order for me to feel that the time and effort spent on each piece of music did improve my understanding of this art form. Since these pieces are one-of-a-kind, that means even though they share parts and styles of earlier works, they somehow find some new way of expression that makes it unique. Each new painting adds an indispensable paragraph to this artist story. That is an intrinsic goal with each painting.

Art can be complicated, or it can simply be wall decoration. My choice is to paint complex. You the viewer will grasp an understanding what pleases.  I do offer clues and familiarity that can show the way, but for many that may not even be necessary.  My art is in one way like Egyptian hieroglyphics.  My paintings of music, in their own way, could resemble the beautiful figures and symbols carved into those ancient stone walls. Few people know what the meaning of the hieroglyphics, but they do know is that they are depicting something that means something  special carved meticulously into the stone thousands of years ago. This art is not that, old,  complicated, meaningful, or meticulous, but it does speak, at times beautifully in its own unique way, the history of music.


Scott Von Holzen


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