S_V_H Love is All Around Final Image


This artistic style brings this found 60s peace symbol,


and the faint memory of  this 60s Pop Art sculpture by Robert Indiana,


and these new pair of walking shoes, that have improve my time,




all together to create this image,

that is the word ‘Love’ on a small added canvas that is part of my latest composition, Love is All Around.




I started this artwork on the first week of May according to my worksheet.  I finished yesterday. My free time is still limited, and summer brings on lots of must do demands, but I am still surprised that this work took so long. I do not see any big style changes or break through moves, but I do see the continuing evolution in how I depict musical slurs and ties.  As far as the three 8th notes, in this work, they again, like in the past, where a struggle.  I am not seeing much difference or movement in them. In truth the first Kyoto Bach is still hanging on the wall I looked to its lone 8th note for direction. Since each new artwork builds on earlier works all this is not surprising. I bigger problem, that probably took a week to resolve, was finding the right color combinations for the banding of the shafts. I ended up with four different color choices, which is something unique to this work.

What still is a mystery, that I shall never resolve, is why this smaller work took so long to complete. I must say the music never was a favorite of mine. I listened to my four different versions of Love is All Around, over-and-over to help me get a better respect for the music.  I also watch a few YouTube videos about the story of the Troggs, which was interesting. I guess the challenge was creating a painting that represents a love song that I was not in love with. That is exactly would I did. This artwork surprisingly is full of interest that is well done and creative by my standards.

All Around reminds me of Up On The Roof, because both of these artworks last panels have a dramatic impact. An interesting difference is that second panel and how it drops well below the others. There is a pause in this music represented by those three rest symbols on the upper part of the canvas.  I could have treated those rests like I have done in most of my other works, but I wanted to add more interest to the physical look and the flow of the music. That is why you see the lower music which represents the background notes heard between the voice. We will see how this change will affect future works.

I like the look of this work.  I believe it can stand alone or with the music. This is a commission work so it is not for sale, but prints will be available.

Scott Von Holzen