S_V_H Have yourself a merry little Christmas Image2


This is the second image of Have yourself an interesting, and kind of special merry little Christmas, if you wish.  The enlarged image looks bright.  I had to turn around from this screen to take a second look at the painting on the easel.  I think it is the custom blue color,  I mixed for the music,  that is popping everything.

I wrote down five colors on my worksheet that I wanted to use for this work.  Those colors, nothing special, are green, blue, red, white, and gold.  I added the two white stripes over the reds, from the first image, for I thought in this way I could cover  the colors white and gold. I went with the all white to give this background that special Christmas look, and later pulled some gold across to increase the Christmastime appearance.

I had some difficulty with the shading of the lines that I  first carefully planned. I finally had to damp wiped it all off.  I then drew in loosely some curve lines, with a few straight to counter, as I move across the canvases. I ended up using the same colors for the stripping and the shading.  This did create an interesting effect on the background, but I am not sure exactly what I am trying to accomplish.  This may be an idea that may eventual evolve into something that represent some aspect of the music. For now what I see is not hurting the music,  so it is worth seeing where it can go.   The way this work is progressing I may be done in a couple of weeks, which would be a pleasant surprise.  What helps is that the structure of this artwork is simple.  If this work completes on time I can see this as a move towards an accelerated pace for development, and promotion in the near future. There may be some exciting times ahead,  although predicting the future may be better kept to oneself.

Here is a cover by Kelly Clarkson singing Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas:


Scott Von Holzen