S_V_H Have yourself a merry little Christmas image3

haveMerryChristmas_3This is the third image of this years Christmas painting. This is not a complicated work, so what you are seeing is the music. The last major item will be to add the word I have chosen for this music.  Since there is only one word that is not going to change the overall look of this artwork.  Once all the major elements are in place next up I will next need to add some decorative touches.  I’m going to do that to add interest,  and to fill neutral areas of canvas with something to catch the viewer’s eye. I do have those shaded lines in the background that could be use to add some Christmas spirit. I may look there first,  and then later drop in random snowflakes to fill in.  Those are my ideas for now, but that may change the minute I dip the brush into the paint.

I have spent a lot of time, since the finish of the Vivaldi’s series, trying to decide the real purpose of these artworks backgrounds. Since Music is sound,  and sheet music is only notation on blank paper, that leave open a lot of creative all options. What that means is that as the years go by, I see less evolution of how the music looks,  and more how I will display it.

Scott Von Holzen