S_V_H Have yourself a merry little Christmas Final image

haveMerryChristmas_FinalHave yourself a merry little Christmas is finished. This is the smallest Christmas painting,  14 by 36 inches in length, that I have done since starting this series in 2006.  The only word, together, comes from this lyric from the music, “Through the years we all will be together, If the fates allow”.

My original plan was to use the colors, white, green, blue, red, and gold. I achieved that goal although I would have liked my red acrylics colors to pop (the contrast creates motion) more like the blue in the music flow. I finally had to tint the reds which did helped.

I do not look at this or any of my artworks as my definitive painting. I would never think that, because I have this yet philosophy about being an artist. What that means is that I believe that I am there yet. I believe that there will always be something better I can do with the next artwork.  I do my best. I give each artwork the time it needs, and then I finish, and move on.  I believe there are better songs to paint.

This is an updated image.  After looking at the work for a couple of days,  I realized that it was not yet finished.  I felt I needed to Christmas this painting up a little. By brightening up the greens and adding some decorative stripping, this painting better represents, now, the mood of the Holidays.  Time for me to move on, this work is finished.



Scott Von Holzen