S_V_H Under Pressure image 2

underPressure_2Here we have Under Pressure  with the stripping refined. Image one has almost entirely been covered up with a translucent blue coat, or  a muddy light magenta.  I have now the beginnings of a refined presentation that is rougher, and edgier, offering a not-so-perfect look at Art as Life. That is how I am calling it. I do not know what else to make of it. Bottom line, this background is good enough for now.

Here is another video of David Bowie live:

Up next I will be cutting up pieces of wood to make the music. I have already completed an interesting,  and different wood add-on that will certainly give this artwork its own identity. Again, I am finding it hard to explain the what,  and why behind my reasoning for some of the things that are showing up on these late artworks.  I do know that I am certainly enjoying what appears to be spontaneity in my decision-making. Making those quick actions actually play well with the rest of the artwork is the challenge. However I from my ideas, what I am doing, now, brings to me a sense of greater creativity.  That is a path I wish to run down.

Scott Von Holzen