S_V_H Under Pressure Final Image

Under Pressure L46.25″ x H25″ x H3.75

Under Pressure is finished.  I will say this, this artwork has been one of my most enjoyable.  Not only did I have fun working with all the wood pieces that I added to this work, I entertained myself with a lot of Freddie Mercury, and David Bowie music.  My feelings are that this painting will remain one of my favorites for a long time, and set the bar high for my next projects.

In the video, about Under Pressure, I speak my thoughts and feelings about this painting.  One thing I mentioned was how I was “impressed” by how fast this art has “involved”.  Well, that may be true with the art, but when it comes to my video presentations all I can say that I have seen very little “involving” going on here.”   Bottom line I can not believe in these videos that I am actually this person. I can only give myself a  break based on the fact that I rarely speak, period, to anyone about this art.  What I do say about my art, I do only in words om a webpage.  That is pretty much it.

I have discovered, while working on this artwork,  some wonderful songs  that now are a part of my must listen to music list. Here are a few more favorites:

There is a lot of David Bowie music that I could have picked from.  Early on in this project, my first choice was Changes. Looking back, I can say that I could have also painted, Heroes, Let’s Dance, New Killer Star, and probably one or two more.  I did not, and I am glad I picked a Queen song that features David Bowie, for he brought to those great lyrics,  a wonderful contrast between Freddie Mercury’s voice and his.

I can not tell you if this is good or bad painting,  for this artwork will define itself in time.   But, what is important to me is that I enjoyed my time painting Under Pressure, and listening to two of the best artists of my time.

Scott Von Holzen

S_V_H Under Pressure Image 3

underPressure_3Under Pressure the third image I have mounted the music, this time using a thicker 7/16th  wood,  to better balance the music which is over 2 1/2 inches in width. The thicker wood also helps the music to better standout from the background.  An issue developed after I put into place the music, and realized that the background now needed some further work to better balance with the strong green and blues of the music.  To give the background that added interest and perk it up, I painted in smaller 1/4 strips on all three canvases. That greatly improved the look of the background even through it was tedious for me to paint  in the strips around all the music.

I have listened to a lot of Queen and David Bowie, lately.  Here are links to a couple of music videos that I have come to like a lot since I started this artwork project:

David Bowie’s  New Killer Star

Here is Queen live at Wembley stadium   I Want To Be Free:


This second image is of that large add-on I mention in the earlier blog entry. Once all the musical pieces are in place than I will mount this 11 inch by 24 inch wood enhancement.  Sure, it looks like a ladder, and it could be, or it could be a representation a one measure of music.

I am really enjoyed cutting up pieces of wood to add to these artworks. I am getting the feeling that I have opened a big door for some creative fun and discoveries. And that has happen because of only one thing: I am not accountable, nor influenced, nor directed or coerced for it “may affect my performance,” by anyone.  None of the crap is happening, for when it come to this Art, I am the man at the top, whose only restriction is to be true to this art’s beliefs.  

Bottom line, this painting, is certainly proving itself to be a unique piece that is pushing me,  and this art hard in the direction to be hopefully,  someday, some of the best examples of contemporary American Art.


Scott Von Holzen



S_V_H Under Pressure image 2

underPressure_2Here we have Under Pressure  with the stripping refined. Image one has almost entirely been covered up with a translucent blue coat, or  a muddy light magenta.  I have now the beginnings of a refined presentation that is rougher, and edgier, offering a not-so-perfect look at Art as Life. That is how I am calling it. I do not know what else to make of it. Bottom line, this background is good enough for now.

Here is another video of David Bowie live:

Up next I will be cutting up pieces of wood to make the music. I have already completed an interesting,  and different wood add-on that will certainly give this artwork its own identity. Again, I am finding it hard to explain the what,  and why behind my reasoning for some of the things that are showing up on these late artworks.  I do know that I am certainly enjoying what appears to be spontaneity in my decision-making. Making those quick actions actually play well with the rest of the artwork is the challenge. However I from my ideas, what I am doing, now, brings to me a sense of greater creativity.  That is a path I wish to run down.

Scott Von Holzen

S_V_H Under Pressure image 1

underPressure_1What I have here for you, is Under Pressure a Classic Rock song recorded by the group Queen along with David Bowie.  This is the first image of this artwork.  What you see is me putting down some paint, to get this project rolling.  What I like about this first image is that I have roughed in some stripping, something I have not done in the past.  This is interesting, and totally without any logic, purpose, or plan beyond I like blue paint,  and that the strips add contrast to whatever I am up to.

The painting consists of three panels with a height of about 25 1/2 inches, by about forty-six inches in length.  Here is the music.  This video, which confused me at first,  is actually a mix of two different live events,  one staring Freddie Mercury from the band Queen, and the other , a tribute concert for Freddie Mercury featuring, in pale green, David Bowie.

I must say I have not appreciated the music of either of these two rock stars, beyond the hits.  I believe the only album I owned by David Bowie called Reality that dates from 2003.  My favorite song is Bring Me the Disco King.  Here is a live performance:

Trying to get a better feel for the music of David Bowie I found this live performance of Ashes to Ashes.  In this video Bowie kinda has that Robert Palmer look:

I may find more videos for I am on a path of serendipity discovery of the music of both Queen and Bowie.


Scott Von Holzen