S_V_H Under Pressure Image 3

underPressure_3Under Pressure the third image I have mounted the music, this time using a thicker 7/16th  wood,  to better balance the music which is over 2 1/2 inches in width. The thicker wood also helps the music to better standout from the background.  An issue developed after I put into place the music, and realized that the background now needed some further work to better balance with the strong green and blues of the music.  To give the background that added interest and perk it up, I painted in smaller 1/4 strips on all three canvases. That greatly improved the look of the background even through it was tedious for me to paint  in the strips around all the music.

I have listened to a lot of Queen and David Bowie, lately.  Here are links to a couple of music videos that I have come to like a lot since I started this artwork project:

David Bowie’s  New Killer Star

Here is Queen live at Wembley stadium   I Want To Be Free:


This second image is of that large add-on I mention in the earlier blog entry. Once all the musical pieces are in place than I will mount this 11 inch by 24 inch wood enhancement.  Sure, it looks like a ladder, and it could be, or it could be a representation a one measure of music.

I am really enjoyed cutting up pieces of wood to add to these artworks. I am getting the feeling that I have opened a big door for some creative fun and discoveries. And that has happen because of only one thing: I am not accountable, nor influenced, nor directed or coerced for it “may affect my performance,” by anyone.  None of the crap is happening, for when it come to this Art, I am the man at the top, whose only restriction is to be true to this art’s beliefs.  

Bottom line, this painting, is certainly proving itself to be a unique piece that is pushing me,  and this art hard in the direction to be hopefully,  someday, some of the best examples of contemporary American Art.


Scott Von Holzen