S_V_H Under Pressure Final Image

Under Pressure L46.25″ x H25″ x H3.75

Under Pressure is finished.  I will say this, this artwork has been one of my most enjoyable.  Not only did I have fun working with all the wood pieces that I added to this work, I entertained myself with a lot of Freddie Mercury, and David Bowie music.  My feelings are that this painting will remain one of my favorites for a long time, and set the bar high for my next projects.

In the video, about Under Pressure, I speak my thoughts and feelings about this painting.  One thing I mentioned was how I was “impressed” by how fast this art has “involved”.  Well, that may be true with the art, but when it comes to my video presentations all I can say that I have seen very little “involving” going on here.”   Bottom line I can not believe in these videos that I am actually this person. I can only give myself a  break based on the fact that I rarely speak, period, to anyone about this art.  What I do say about my art, I do only in words om a webpage.  That is pretty much it.

I have discovered, while working on this artwork,  some wonderful songs  that now are a part of my must listen to music list. Here are a few more favorites:

There is a lot of David Bowie music that I could have picked from.  Early on in this project, my first choice was Changes. Looking back, I can say that I could have also painted, Heroes, Let’s Dance, New Killer Star, and probably one or two more.  I did not, and I am glad I picked a Queen song that features David Bowie, for he brought to those great lyrics,  a wonderful contrast between Freddie Mercury’s voice and his.

I can not tell you if this is good or bad painting,  for this artwork will define itself in time.   But, what is important to me is that I enjoyed my time painting Under Pressure, and listening to two of the best artists of my time.

Scott Von Holzen

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