S_V_H The Sound of Silence image1


soundOfSilence_1Hello, Music and Art lovers. Hello, to all those that are on this blog site email list.  I appreciate the support.

What I have pictured here is an advanced image one of the Classic Rock song The Sound of Silence. This artwork has a starting dimension of sixty inches in length by fifteen inches in height.  Nothing that special about this background. It accomplishes what I want in two ways:  it  portrays the darker mood of this music with its blue-gray drabness,  and rough application of secondary accents colors.  Second this size artwork helps to push forward a new strategy of moving the music out from the background.  What I want to do is to cut the physical size, of the canvas,  to the point where the music just fits.   Then by creating larger pieces of the music,  out of proportion to the canvas, the music then flows out from the edges.  What I am doing here is a deliberate attempt to free the music from the background.

This cover artwork is from the music of Paul Simon.  And the music is The Sound of Silence, a truly a classic pop rock from My Generation. Of course, this version with the added voice of Art Garfunkel is the classic version:

Here is a much later live performance of The Sound of Silence by an older Paul Simon beautifully played on his acoustic guitar:

Here is the 2015 version of The Sound of Silence by Distrubed, a heavy metal band, that convinced me to paint this music.  The Sound of Silence is music that is still relevant today, 52 years after it was first released.


Scott Von Holzen