S_V_H No Rain Final Image

 No Rain_Final

This is the final image a tribute painting to the music of Blind Melon, called No Rain.  What is different about this artwork is that I did not follow my normal flow pattern for the music:  horizontally from left to right. Rarely does it move vertically, which this artwork does.  In No Rain the music flows left to right starting with the top left panel. It then hops over to the top right panel. The music flow then moves, left to right across the larger bottom panel.  In order to improve the logic of this flow I decided to physically mount each panel at a different depth, creating a step movement in this work.

The following  side image shows these changes in canvas depth:

Side View No Rain

I did not have to do it this way.  An alternative design, typical of this art, would have been one longer horizontal combination of panels.  I could have also created a horizontal stepped look (actually never considered) to this work following such examples as this years Birthday Painting, and last years  Up on The Roof.  I choose neither of these paths, and at first I could not remember my original thinking about this artwork.  Then I remembered: if you listen to the music you will hear a  series of short pauses after the word ‘escape.’  What it  came down to was I wanted to create an artwork without displaying these stops in the music flow.  And yet I wanted to keep up the logical movement of the music across this artwork.  I realized I could reach these goals by placing each  ‘escape’ on a different level.

It all came down to this reasoning:  what convinced me to paint this music was the word, ‘escape.’  I wanted this artwork to focus entirely on that repeated word, and  so I eliminated the rests. The pauses are actually still there, it is in the change in-depth between the three canvases. I accomplished what the music does, but in my way.  I think any viewer who sees this work and says that word three times, will understand and find their own meaning  in this artwork. I know I did.

Scott Von Holzen


S_V_H All About Soul image 15 & 16


All About Soul 11:06pm. I would say have finished this work  Tomorrow, I will clean up the edges, and fill in color. For a small painting. Yes, this four-foot painting is small, considering right next to it is the mighty Spring Vivaldi that is 36 inches by 14 feet. Again, considering how small this work is,  it certainly took way more time then I thought would be necessary. The reason is that I painted All About Soul using my current style. In the past years, especially with the Van Gogh Birthday paintings, I found shortcuts to save time, which created a more spontaneous, that I needed to finish the artwork on time.  Today’s Birthday paintings I feel it is better to challenge my current style and see what new ideas I can come up with to cut corners and save a little time. Not sure that worked today. What I am sure of is that the way I paint got a good workout.


More thoughts on All About Soul tomorrow. The Ebay auction for All About Soul will continue for two more days. Just so it is in print, I never thought that an Ebay auction of my work was going to accomplish anything. It is too early for this art to make it way out there on Ebay.  Right now Etsy seems the better choice.


Scott Von Holzen

S_V_H All About Soul image 9



All About Soul 12:59pm. Progress is okay on this artwork.  I made the words larger than I would usually do. Not sure why. But that caused some minor stressing over spacing issues.  That is why I had to draw in all the words, to insure that they would fit, and to know where the music had to go to keep everything in balance.  I am going with different shades of green for the music, with the darker outline done.

Ebay Link to the auction of this artwork.

Scott Von Holzen



S_V_H All About Soul image 7

allAboutSoul7 All About Soul 11:07am.  I am going to have to stop here with this background.  I wanted this part done an hour ago, but I could not call it finished.  For now it is finished and I am going to add the music.  I will re-work the background after I see the effects of the music on it.

Also the Ebay auction is running.  You can also search Ebay for Scott Von Holzen, artinmusic, and All About soul.


Scott Von Holzen