S_V_H The Ghost of Tom Joad images 3


theGhostOfTomJoad_3The Ghost of Tom Joad before removing the tape I used to cover the flow of the music.

theGhostOfTomJoad_4Of course this is The Ghost of Tom Joad after removing tape. I have tried this experiment  before but not to this extent. I do not think I will do it this way in the future.  I am thinking differently about how this should be done. Next time I will just indicate the general areas where the music flow will land, and then pull the layers of paint across these areas with more care.  By doing this l am thinking that each layer will be thin and soft enough that masking the music will not be worth the time spent masking.

I can see the need for a lot of touch up after removing the tape. Also, I found, especially trying to mask out the circles, that the taping overlapped, which then made the layers that cover the tape thicker. That has created a lot more finishing issues.

The base painting is done, so now it is on to the music and smoothing out the transition between the music and the background. I save the blues and their relatives, for the music. What that means even though I am trying to stay with earth tones, * brighter colors are going to creep back into this work. I can not help.

Scott Von Holzen