S_V_H The Ghost of Tom Joad image 4


This is the painting The Ghost of Tom Joad in a late stage. I have completed all the important parts of this artwork.  Next up I will be adding interest, and cleaning up the image. I do not have much to add about this work beyond you are seeing, in this painting,  pieces of styles from a number of earlier works. But, if you scroll down the blog page and look at the Billie Holiday painting,  I just completed, you will see an entirely different style. What that shows is that this art does not evolve from work to work, but instead it comes from the music that I am portraying.  Up to now you are seeing an overall style evolution partially driven by the chosen music, but probably also pushed on because I do not want this art to stand still. As I have said many times in the past, I am persevering in this fine art quest to find out how it will actually turn out. I want to know ‘does he really make it in the art world.’ To get to that end, duplicating myself is the last thing I want to do. Evolving from the past is good and necessary, repeating begins the end. This art can fail in multiple ways, but it must not me that is the cause.

Scott Von Holzen