S_V_H Heaven’s Wall


This is another Bruce Springsteen artwork. It is small.  I have had second thoughts about painting this music.  My concern is that I have already painted three other Springsteen works: the beautiful and marvelous Thunder Road, the large Man at the Top, and the lately finish Ghost of Tom Joad. Since this work is a petite forty inches in length, I felt this size makes this work an easy to handle experimental work, which may be the reason it slipped in.  I do like this music for its  uptempo music.  I have wanted to paint a gospel song, not for its message, so much, but for its emotional spirit that is so catchy. For now this is music will suffice for this genre.

It surprises me that I am using so much stripping on such a small work.  I did not expect that, and I am not sure exactly what I am trying to accomplish with all this horizontal moment. I do know,  because of concerns about all the stripping, that it may be time to try another idea out for the backgrounds.

Actually, I do have that idea: I would like to try to create some hard edges with some shading to cover the strips in some form of a Cubist  style,  or better in a Futurism look like what I saw while visiting the Reading Public museum.  The painters of Futurism made efforts to display speed in their paintings. I may be able to create a better sense of movement across these three little canvases by using a combo of these two styles. Here is first, a Cubist painting by Picasso, followed by a Futurism work by Balla. Both images from Wikipedia


The fact that I am looking for a new technique, is enough to tell me, that this may be the right time, and the right size artwork,  to try some thing fresh.

Here is a YouTube version of Heaven’s wall.



Scott Von Holzen