S_V_H Heaven’s Wall image 2


Heaven’s Wall is a small experimental work that is not moving along fast enough for me. Although I am giving this project my best effort, that I have over two weeks of work into this artwork, and the finish is not near, bothers me.  Of course I paint in my world, and that world hates schedules, and lately life has disrupted my stream of thought with walls along my imaginary path.  I guess in truth, so it goes, and so must I. That means,  lets move this discussion to what is going on here in this second image.

I mentioned early that there is way too much stripping going on in this work.  I said I wanted to counter that,  and now you see what I have come up with. I did not want to go too crazy here.  I only wanted to try something new that I was sure I could pull off.  And I  accomplished that by keeping my efforts small and consistent across the canvases. This then becomes a realization of a new idea. My mind then churns over this idea, evolving it to where I eventually become aware of further possibilities. This then gives me a new choice to move this art forward, if I take it, which I always do.

That is what you see, in its beginnings,  in the image above. This is not break through painting.  It is me building on the past efforts of others, and it is me finding possible opportunities to create some dramatic backgrounds in the future. I am partnering with this art, and I am evolving with it. There is so much yet to learn. That is what this art through music is telling me.  In truth, once again,  I am a blue collar painter confronting each new artwork’s challenge. They all speak in one voice, make me different.  Try harder.  And oh yes, try that new idea.

Scott Von Holzen